Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Needed Every Drop

It rained last evening. A noisy, get your attention type of storm. This morning I roamed around the yard and tried to capture the essence of the rain. They are more infrequent and are more enjoyable than ever. Each drop is a precious gift from God to be savored, remembered, appreciated, and experienced. It was difficult to stay inside today. The outside beckoned me and I responded.

After I quit work two months ago, I got so I didn't like Saturdays anymore. They were crowded with other people's noise and ruined my peace. Not sure why, but either I'm adapting or maybe today wasn't a usual Saturday in our neighborhood. It was quiet. I sat outside and read a long time. A few cars drove by, even saw my mom head up the road to share supper with a friend. No one noticed me on our porch, I must have been half hidden behind the shrubs and porch columns.

The object of my interest was the last book in my library tote. Was worried it wouldn't be good and I would be desperate and might have to peruse Webster's famous book. But this one is good, not at the beginning but sometimes authors take a lot longer to grab the attention of the reader. But grab she finally did. It's all I can do to put the book down - I need to know what's on the next page, nooooo... the next paragraph. But here I sit writing in my blog - and trying to pretend the book isn't waiting for me on the kitchen table. Some books capture me for awhile and then pucker out after a few more chapters. Hope this one doesn't disappoint me - but if it does, it won't be the first and I can adapt to that also. I've noticed that the library has lots of other books waiting patiently in the stacks for me to return.

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