Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Fantastic Friday

We had a healthy supper tonight - cherry tomatoes, baked squash, marinated cukes, green beans all from our little garden plot. There was tea and roast beef to round the meal out. Awesome, just awesome eating. I will miss this fresh produce this winter!

Went to mom's late this morning and I installed miniblinds in two of her den windows. She is in love - with the miniblinds that is! I knew she would, but sometimes we have to wait for the other person to be able to visualize how they would look. I'm soooooo thrilled she finally replaced the heavy drapes with these light blinds. Sure lightens up the dark paneled den. Wonder how long it will be before she allows me paint the paneled walls a lighter color???? We then drove to a BBQ diner for a late lunch, which is, of course, the best in the world! Then we drove around some before we came back home so mom could admire the miniblinds again.

On the left side of the fireplace mantle is a picture of my grandmother taken on her wedding day with the dress she designed and constructed. It was beige and chocolate brown. It had exquisite handwork. She and my grandfather made a fine couple I would say. Maybe later I can zoom in to that picture to really show it off. My parents said their vows after a Sunday service in a small country church wearing Sunday clothes but there were no pictures to remember the day. My Sweetz and I were married in a church in Washington DC - me in my white wedding dress and veil which I designed and made, while my Sweetheart was handsome in his rented summer tux. I'm sure we looked no better than the other two couples on one of the happiest days of our lives. Really? Happy? Well, sure it was - even with some squabbles and tension occasionally through the years, all three marriages were/are strong. Of course, my grandparents have long since died, as well as my dad -but the memories and a few pictures live on.

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