Monday, July 19, 2010

Ice Cream

I decided to turn over a new leaf. Deciding I needed to start an exercise program, I headed out about 9:15am when the temp was reading 77* to WALK. Yep, to walk. I went 2 miles and it felt good. When I got home the temp had climbed to 78*. Now, the question is: can I continue to do something like this every day or so? Hope so, because I need to be moving around more.

I did some cleaning today. Seems I try to do some sort of cleaning, organizing, straightening, decluttering, most every day. Even if it's a small project, it feels good. Today I cleaned out the freezer of the kitchen fridge/freezer. Wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Have been grumbling to myself that it was so stuffed that I rarely dug down to figure out what was underneath --- a situation I inherited from my hubby when I quit work 2 months ago. The meal prep chore. You know the story, I just fixed something based on whatever was easy to reach on the shelves. Ok, I now have no excuse. I even put the meat, veggies, misc, and taters, etc. on separate shelves. So, where does the ice cream go? Decided for the cartons to share the meat shelf. Now, they are handy - top front. How convenient...for hubby. I need to stay out of them.

Speaking of ice cream, we went to church last night for a special musical group - but something happened and they didn't show up. The plan was to have an ice cream social after the singing service. Well, the congregation decided to eat the ice cream first and see if they found our church. If so, then we'd join them for the singing in the auditorium. But after deciding they would be a no show group, we stayed in the fellowship hall and chatted with everyone. We did sing a few songs as a group and it was just enough to liven the evening. Ohhhh, and the ice cream. There were about 8 different kinds. I tend to favor the fruit - so had a banana/pineapple combo. Yummy, it was good. There were also cookies, cakes, brownies, doughnuts, etc. But I just nibbled on half a cookie. Talk about restraint!!! It was difficult but someone had to do it.

We got two ripe tomatoes today. I'm so excited. They have been so slow this year and not many coming on the vines either. Has been a disappointing year for tomatoes. But we won't starve - they are plenty of veggies for us to eat every day. I decided to take an evening off from squash, beans, and cukes. Tonight I fixed a yummy ham noodle dish which was so scrumptious. Got it off "". Neat website. I like to enter an ingredient and see what recipes they come up with. Loved it. It was delicious. I didn't fix the recipe exactly as called in the recipe. I'm known for ad libbing and it was all I could do to refrain from serving myself a second helping. Also had slaw and baby lima beans (for me) and broccoli florets (for hubby - who dislikes limas). Yep, I found the bag of baby limas hiding in the freezer. Somehow I think Sweetz buried them so I wouldn't find them. But I found them while moving some things to the downstairs freezer. My lucky day! Naaaah, I won't mention it to him - I do the same thing to him, so we're even again.

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