Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall

My morning walk was a bit farther with a bit of a twist on the routine. Since it was a little cooler and overcast, the walk was easier without the added weight of sweating. Stopped by mom's house and after chatting awhile on her screened porch, I came home for a quick shower and change and off we went for lunch and a joy ride through the country.

We both had a delicious mini burger lunch at a little restaurant in a nearby town. It started pouring while we were there so stayed inside until it slowed up just a tad and the owner loaned us an umbrella since they know us and are fairly confident we will be back. It's a sports bar with TVs all around the dining room. When the owner saw me looking at all the other TVs, guess he figured I didn't want to watch sports, so switched the one at our table to the Food network. So, I was able to watch Rachael Ray and then the Barefoot Contessa fix some luscious meals. Many thanks to Stacy for taking care of us. The mini burger was fabulous - full of flavor and I chose a side of potato salad. They make their own sides so naturally it was excellent. I also know two of the cooks, so a bit of a friendly wave and a smile usually guarantees a perfect meal.

We drove all over the little town and then ended up straying into the county on the east side of town. We stopped in Yoder's, a little Amish market, and we both got a few items which will be delicious over the next week or so. They had root beer made in Kutztown PA which was near where I once lived as a teen, so that was neat. Sweetz likes root beer as much as I do, so we'll have a nice treat one day.

On our way home, the rain stopped and the sun came out just about the time we passed this old homestead. It looks like it was used as a duplex. Not sure how much longer it can stand but made an interesting photo.

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