Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the Yard

An "after shot" first to show how nice mom's front flowerbeds look. Then a "before shot" to show how big the azaleas had gotten.

Even though it was a hot one, I was disillusioned into attacking mom's yard with my pruning shears. She has needed her azaleas pruned for quite some time. It's something I enjoy doing and is quite rewarding to see the end result. I just didn't bank on the temperatures being so Hot HOt HOT. Then I was stung by a wasp/hornet or some such black flying lady who was rather put out that I was pruning in her nesting area of the bushes. She bit me on my left thumb with one powerful sting leaving a large bore hole. Ouch. After I took care of it and deciding I would not die in the process, I returned with heavier gloves. The persistent flying mom was sprayed but obviously wasn't killed. She came back several times for revenge, flying like a lunatic while diving straight for me with death threats on her mind.

I brought the branch with her nest on it back home to show Sweetz. Neither one of us could tell whether it was a wasp or hornet. But I'm alive to write about it.

We had a healthy garden supper rounded out with some breaded shrimp. Ahhhh, the taste of summer. Will certainly miss these great tasting veggies after the season is over. A few tomato plants are finally growing and a few actually have some decent tomatoes and some are turning pink. Better late than never. I've always thought a woodpile was a thing of beauty so couldn't resist taking a shot of Sweetz' woodpile with the new wood on this side.

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