Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Time to be Born and a Time to Die

I drove to the library this morning to refill my book tote. But thought they were handier in a basket on the piano. I made this fanny basket many years ago. There are memories all around the house. Sometimes I wonder if my family will remember me in my things. Doubtful. I need to turn those thoughts loose.

I love animal crackers. Thought they looked rather unique marching across this frame. Sometimes it's fun to turn off the serious side of me and smile at life.

The Tigers have arrived. Well, the Tiger Lilies. They are beautiful although the weight of the huge blooms force them to hang down. That's ok, I can lean down and look up. Sweetz cut some and brought them inside. We've never used them as cut flowers before but they are beautiful sharing a vase with some glads on the kitchen table.

Today, I learned that my neighbor died. She had suffered for many years and finally was able to leave this old world behind. Linda had two sons but one made quite an impression on me. Mark. A sweet guy all the way through. He won my heart one day when he was about 8. He rang the front doorbell and presented me with a branch of azaleas he had taken from their yard. He played with my sons and was in and out of my house as much as his own. The love he had for his mother was as evident as the smile on his face as he spoke of her. She will be buried tomorrow. She was an inspiring woman, a loving wife and mother, a friend to many and she will be missed but leaving behind a mark (no pun intended)on everyone who knew her.

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