Monday, July 26, 2010

Out And About

Today's high spots included a visit with my financial advisor who gave me some homework. There are a few documents to retrieve and then I need to research answers on other issues.

I met a friend for a nice lunch and chat at a local Chinese restaurant. Meal was delicious and chat was even better. I couldn't eat everything so brought the egg roll home along with one piece of chicken. The day out ended with a shopping spree in WallyLand. I had a list but didn't get everything - just ran out of enthusiasm. Which isn't difficult when it's this hot. I did recycle some things and drove around a bit. Nice to get out and about to see something other than my own digs.

When I got home, Sweetz had been to the grocery store and gotten the food items so my abbreviated WM stop turned out to be perfect. There's just one item left on the list and Wally didn't have it anyway, so I'll have an excuse to get out again another day. Topped off the gas tank while I was out so I'm ready to roll whenever the urge presents itself.

When the temps dip some I'll get in the RV and do some much-needed cleaning. We still want to head out for an extended trip to the western states. For sure we will do some shorter stays closer to home prior to that but present temp and humidity readings aren't in the camping fun range. Would be nice to experience some cooler weather and I'm sure most of eastern USA would agree with me. The air will be filled with the sounds of contented sighs when this hot weather trend ends. Does that mean we will then begin to grumble about the cold temps? Would be nice to mix these two seasons together and have extended springs and falls. In the meantime I will stay in the AC and do more reading. Nothing like a good book. Before we know it, fall will tiptoe in and I'll sigh along with the rest.

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