Monday, August 2, 2010

Learning Curve with Blogger Changes, Must Love Patience

Yep, I walked again today, and a bit longer.  When I got back and while I was cooling off, I did some basic math trying to determine how many hundreds of miles I would have to walk to lose a pound!
3500 calories =  pound. 
Ouch.  But I'll keep trying.  It was cooler today but the humidity was still high.  Ok, one out of two isn't too bad.  I come back sweating and half wet, doubt this will get any better over time, but there's a good feeling during and after a walk.  A mini "high".  Hey, at my age a mini will have to do.  And dry clothes help me feel better too.   The hat's is ready for tomorrow's walk.
walking hat
My books are due at the library tomorrow so I need to make a trip to exchange them.  I have one to finish but maybe I can accomplish that before I pull out for the library.  Of course, it's possible to renew but it's a goal of mine to have them all read.  Nooooo renewing books.  Claire Cook also wrote Must Love Dogs.  There was a movie made from that book.  Can't figure out with the changes on this website how to underline so this will have to do for now.  

Peaches are in season and I'm enjoying them this year.  These are real sweet so are ripe and easy to eat. 
Blogger changed a few things on their website and I'll just have to figure out how to work everything.  Maybe Claire Cook wrote about loving dogs, but I have to figure out how to love Blogger again.  More changes - hey I like changes.  Just need to spend a bit more time navigating the system.  It'll come.  I'm confident.  I have time. 

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