Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Day on the Ranch

I took it rather easy today, didn't want to overdo - especially after working so hard yesterday in all the heat and humidity. I must continue to look for excuses that boggle the mind. I was going to read and relax today, but mom called and wanted to go out to eat at a new restaurant in our fair community. So I got dressed and when she arrived, I was soon ready to roll.

The menu looked rather normal for that sort of place, but we didn't like where we were seated. So we were moved to a booth across the room. The restaurant is a re-do of an old business in the business section (seems it once housed an insurance company), floors are beautiful, walls a rustic red, wine bottles are nested in slots in the original walk-in safe, overabundance of polite waitresses, everyone eager to please. But the noise is too loud. It was hard to chat with mom across the width of our table. I was ready to leave when we finished so I could hear...silence again. Ahhhhhh, I don't like loud noises anymore. They need to install baffles on the ceiling and/or walls. Rugs, anything to absorb the sound.

We made a stop at the PO and ended up at Wal-Mart to get a few things. After we shopped for the items on our short list, we sat at a SubWay table and sipped on Cokes and did some serious people watching. Tis a wonderful way to spend some free time. While there, a couple of people drifted by that I knew and one friend/neighbor sat at our table and chatted for a long time. She's a dear and nearly always smiling even though she lost her husband to cancer only a bit over two years ago. She's one that always sees the glass as half full and her optimism is contagious.

One thing that probably won't rub off is the fact that she goes to the Y five days a week. Then she has the audacity to invite me to join and go with her! Right. Well, it is a wonderful idea, I should think about that. In the meantime, I decided I would get out my exercise DVDs again and see if I couldn't move to the oldies and learn a few more country line dances. Then there's the 3rd one that is more difficult - yep, I'll keep that one until I work up some endurance with the first two. Well, her invitation does pose some interest. Now, if I could just keep up with the young and slim leaders on the tapes. Used to - well, it was 30 years ago. Doesn't seem like such a long time ago. What happened during those 30 years? My happy friend is a little thing and we are nearly the same age - ummm, sounds like I have a REAL project I need to seriously work on. Tomorrow -- yep, I could start tomorrow. It's always good to have a plan...

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