Thursday, July 1, 2010

car, cards, camper, and celebration

Plans changed several times today, but I eventually spent the day with mom. She wanted her car washed and waxed and she had a favorite spot for that. We grabbed a nice lunch at a tea room and when the car was ready, we spent the rest of the day shopping. I have a couple of Belk gift cards but couldn't find anything I wanted/needed, so decided to repocket them. Something will call my name eventually. We went in Hobby Lobby and I think we saw about everything in the store. Since I had just painted our bathroom, I decided to see if I could find some deco items to tie in with the bedroom. Oh my...sooooooooooo many choices. The choices were finally narrowed down and I'm pleased with my purchases. Everything I bought was also 50% off so I'm pleased with that too. I gathered some nice artificial flowers and greenery and made a pretty arrangement to put on dad's grave. Mom bought another arrangement so we have two to use over the next few months.

Tomorrow Sweetz and I are going to celebrate our anniversary with another couple whose anniversary is one day before ours. So, off to Red Lobster we will go. My brother suggested I order one of those lobsters they have in the huge aquarium near the front door., the lobsters will be pardoned as long as I'm in the store.

When I drove in the driveway, Sweetz was piddling in the camper. Something tells me he's getting anxious to take it out. I'd love that except that it's been rather hot this summer. Wow, it's July 1. Less than 2 months since I quit work. I'm really enjoying my new life and my new boss is fab!!!!

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