Sunday, July 25, 2010

Someone Turn the Thermostat DOWN

The mushroom/toadstool was about 5 inches tall and was just majestic Saturday. Then this morning it was gone. Did a toad sit on it and break it?'s gone.

Looks like I need to get my bike out more often - Mama Dirtdobber has been busy producing another brood while I walked last week.

The sunflowers bloomed this week and the cardinals have been sitting on the fence watching them mature and trying to determine when the seeds will be ready for snacking. But first the bees must do their chore. Think the cardinals will allow me to salvage a few seeds for next season?

Today has been nice with church and friends and laughter and food. Lovely combination. Sweetz and I fashioned a wire cage around the potted porch tomato this afternoon. It is literally taller than I am - and it's July. Might have to call it Little Tomatower of Babel. Little tomatoes are finally making an appearance. But after a 0% success rate, I'm now The Pollinator and having 100% success. Am getting peppers from the 2 plants. One is banana and one is bell. The other plants aren't doing much - just sitting there listless and uncooperative. Nothing for The Pollinator to pollinate. Whatever. I understand their predicament. Grow, bloom, produce, then someone taller than you comes by and plucks you. Why bother they say. That reminds me of the current administration.

No cooking for me today. It got 99* here today on our in-the-shade digital thermometer. Yep, even when I'm not paying attention it records the high and low for the day. But hot hot hot as blazes for sure. I'd make sun tea but afraid it would boil over! I'm staying inside. Mom and friend are going to the lake again next week for a few days. Must be nice - I'm jealous! I'm going to visit my financial advisor tomorrow. One itsy bitsy account has matured....was not a good investment and lost money and now I must make a decision on what to do with those remaining nickels. Maybe a sugar dish! It would be heavenly to get away to someplace cooler. But I'm not the least bit interested in leaving my AC'd house when it's this HOT. Come on coooooler weather!

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