Thursday, April 21, 2011

On And Off The Road

I walked around the yard today - yep, had a hand on my camera too.  Our azaleas are beautiful this year.  We have huge pink plants but still couldn't resist getting a close up of one gorgeous bloom. 
I also couldn't resist snipping a few stems which were yelling for me to cut them.  Now, I can enjoy the beauty indoors for a few days.  If they start looking a bit house weary, I can always snip a few fresh ones. 

We have a large white azalea plant too.  WooooHoooo, sooooo pretty!  I'm talking stunning!

And guess what the Easter bunny left in my house?  Just eggs so far.  Surely he will include some chocolate candy by Sunday morning!
I had lunch with a friend yesterday - sure was nice to see her again.  She's working hard and thinking of going back to school for another degree.  She's a great teacher so we talked about her getting her Master in Education.  She bought my lunch as a belated birthday gift.  But the best part was just enjoying being with a friend.

I was to have lunch today with another friend but there was a conflict in her schedule.  Can you believe a consultant bumped our lunch date!!!  We decided we'd schedule it another time.  I'll have to drive to another town, but that's ok.  I can use the opportunity to do a bit of shopping at different stores - especially a fabric store which we no longer have in our tiny town.  And I can just taste the photo ops that might present themselves.  I also had an appt for a hair cut this afternoon...and...yep, that got bumped too.   No problem, I'm retired and can move things around and usually reschedule fairly easily. Anyway, yesterday Tanya told me my hair looked wonderful.  Hey, it would have been hard to get my hair cut after that compliment!  I'm keeping it straight now after I retired and it's becoming more comfortable - plus a bit easier too.

It's been almost a year since I retired. WOW.  Time has flown but admit I've grown to appreciate this phase immensely.  I haven't accomplished all I wanted, but there's no rush.  Do I get an annual job evaluation? HA!  It's spring and that's my favorite season.  Flowers, birds, warmth - what's not to like!

I used the morning to read and talk with the hubster.  He left to run a couple of errands, so I stayed home to enjoy myself doing my own thing.  I chose to ride my bike around the neighborhood.  With the sun out and temps warmer than predicted, it has been a beautiful day to wheel around.  Today seemed like a perfect day to stretch my distance and endurance so I changed my route just a bit to include some extra hills.  If it weren't for the cars, things would have been perfect.  Definitely NOT complaining.  But I always get off the road since I don't feel I have the right to be on a road designed for vehicles.  Plus I don't want to be a patient in the Emergency Room.  Nope, it's easier to get off the road and let the cars be on their merry I wasn't wearing a helmet nor knee pads...   

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