Monday, April 18, 2011

Napkins & Shirts

Today I had lunch with a friend.  We chose a local BBQ diner, which undoubtedly has the best BBQ in the entire south!! Ummm ummmmm good. 

Then we spent a bit of time shopping.  I bought 6 napkins...

and 3 shirts for the Hubster.  (Thanks, Bobbie, for helping me pick out the shirts.  He liked them!).

It was Senior Day so received 10% off my purchases.  Yeah, there are some bonuses for being a geezer!!! 

It was beautiful today - a sunny, warm, lovely spring day.  The Hub and I sat in the backyard while we both sneezed away - not sure how long this yellow pollen will last but am thinking it's here for a few more weeks.  AaaaaaCHOO.  Ahhhhh, but it's spring and flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. 

A storm front blew through over the weekend and 47 people lost their lives in the southern states with North Carolina suffering the highest number of casualties due to approximately 94 tornadoes spawned by this front.  Scary things. 

Disasters all over the globe. When will it all end?  I'll continue to thank God each day for our blessings.  He holds each of us in His hands. Easter is coming and the meaning of Christ's gift fills me with indescribable thankfulness. 

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