Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tornado Spawning Weather

We survived!  Nothing on the dangerous scale blew through here, but lots of wind that was scary at times.  It's just awful about the southern states that weren't so fortunate.  Just so sad seeing pictures/videos of the devastation.  So many flattened homes, businesses, ruined cars!  Those people must certainly be suffering from shock this morning and our prayers go out for them.  So much tragedy in our country and now they face tragic loss of their belongings and many lives. 

We are getting a few strawberries every day which are just delicious.  I have been roughly chopping them which seems to enhance their sweetness.  Was thinking I'd go buy some of those individual sponge cakes but then thought I might make a pound cake.  But maybe a sponge cake would be a better choice.  Yesterday I fixed a delicious salad using some of the first pickings of our Romaine lettuce and served it with a mean supper which had the Hub and me smacking our lips.  We finished off our meal with a brownie delight - a brownie topped with a mound of fresh chopped strawberries.  There wasn't enough time to grab the camera before the delicacy was gone!  Faster than tornado speed... 

The cable men are here and will soon be replacing a cable line outside so I need to get this uploaded so I won't lose all my hard work on this. 

Cable guys just finished - well, at least they just left with their truck, but may come around another way.  Traipsed through our garden and flowerbeds several times.  What we won't do for cable TV and internet.  

Haven't made the pound cake yet, spent most of my time watching the cable guys.  They aren't young either, old geezers actually.  Sweetz said the company probably couldn't get the young guys to do manual labor anymore.  But let me tell you, these guys may look like they're ready for porch rockers, but they are in terrific shape - strong, and work hard.  I have been impressed.  Go Geezers! 

Ahhhh, the pound cake saga.  16oz of flavor.

And a bowl of strawberries. 

Not together yet...but SOON...

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