Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Packing Game

Well, Sweet Stuff and I are nearly ready to pull out tomorrow with the camper for our spring fling. Since this is the first outing of the year, it requires a bit more prep, but after this, most items will stay in the camper till the cold weather forces us to store it for the winter.

It's raining here now, so the actual packing has stopped and a little pile of last-minute items is forming here in the dining room to put in the camper in the morning.  The cameras are ready, the clothes are neatly folded, some of the food gathered, maps are folded.  It's good to be nearly ready and we will have a great time no matter the area or the weather. We'll have time together and experiences to share.  I won't fish with him -- that will be his alone time. I'll read and take pictures.  I'll oooooh and ahhhhh over his fish and he will do the same for my pictures. 

I saved all the pictures from both cameras to CDs this evening so the memory cards are now empty and ready.  I even baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take with us.  Could have done more food prep, but didn't - so I'll prepare meals just as I do at home.  Doesn't sound like a vacation from the kitchen, but I don't usually mind cooking as long as I am treated to a meal or two out occasionally.  

Since I presently have no air card, blog entries will depend on free internet access.  If I'm smart, I will type them ahead of time and flip them over to Blogger when I get online.  Yeah, it's good to have a plan...

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