Friday, April 22, 2011

Now, We're Wired!

Had to have an electrician out today since our dishwasher decided to quit.  We were shopping for new dishwashers but then noticed an outlet near it wasn't working either.  Sweetz checked the breakers but everything was fine.  Sooooo, we had a nice kind electrician friend come out to fix everything.  He did.  I am left with some cosmetic repairs but they are fixable - I think - well somehow it can be fixed.  Why question is:  why not build a house where the wires are easily accessible?  Why are they hidden behind walls only to spring forth problems in a few years?  Our house is older so we probably will continue to experience problems with this house.  Sure, sure, sure, we could move - if we could sell this house in this sinking economy.  
Good news is we have a working dishwasher.
And a working outlet. 
The outcome could have been different.
Jeff told us that we nearly had a fire in the wall - and he showed us where it had started.  Wow!
Thank you, Lord, for protecting us.

And today's Good Friday. 

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