Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Campground Central

8:40am Monday, April 11

Well, we arrived safely to Kerr Lake
and had our choice of all but two of the spaces in this campground.
From what I tell in the area where we are, there is just one other
camper plus a camp host who are both waaaaaaay far away.  The camp
host said all the weekenders left right before we arrived.  We are
parked on a “point” which juts out into the lake and we are at the
tip right at the edge of the water with views nearly all around us.
Wow.  We had a beautiful sunset but it went down faster than I
realized and barely missed it before it went below the horizon.  We
enjoyed sitting by the water last night at our fire pit listening to the night sounds.   
This morning I got up with a bit of fog
and headed out for some pictures wanting to catch the sunrise.  But
it's overcast so mostly got lake pictures.  There are a few ducks
which float by and a crane who visits occasionally.  This has to be a
scene right out of heaven.
There's no internet in this campground
so will send this along later when we get access. 


8:35am Tuesday, April 12
Still having a great time here at the
lake.  Sleeping like a log and enjoying the sunrises and sunsets.
I've been able to read and now made it to the middle of the first of
my three books I packed.  We've ridden our bikes/walked all over the
campground, enjoyed good food, played games, listened to the radio,
watched TV.  We had waffles for breakfast. Yum  Well, just heard it
sprinkling and looked out – it's pittering and pattering on the
roof.  Pleasant sounds.  Would be nice sleeping sounds, but I already
had my 8.  Not sure what we're doing today – were thinking of
driving into the nearest town and finding some free internet to see
if I can get this posted and read/write a few emails.  Now, if this
sprinkling will stop...if not, we'll head out to the nearest “town”
and find some dry excitement.  Maybe it won't last long, but will be
a refreshing morning shower which will start yet another relaxing day
at the lake.

I'm at the library now - which isn't open until noon, but I got wireless outside in the parking lot. I've read some emails, answered a few and feeling connected to friends and family.  Now, it's nearly time to find a good restaurant in this town before we head back to the campground.   I'll try to get on another day - in the meantime I'll try to love, laugh, and enjoy life. 
11am:  It's dry and sunny and warm in the 70's.  Life is good.  I'll post pictures when I return. 

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