Monday, April 4, 2011

A New Addition

Hubster and I spent a long time  today in the backyard working in a new flowerbed.  Not sure what possessed us to make yet another bed.  But it is nearly finished, just needs another load of mulch which we have but just has to be scattered.  Tomorrow will be soon enough. 

And windy!  Oh, my.  Such wind we experienced today, but it kept us cool.  It didn't take long before we had taken our long-sleeved shirts off and were working away in tee shirts.  My skin is pale from the winter garb, but today I know I got too much sun.  Wonder if I have any sunburn lotion?  Or will I have to suffer all night for my lack of sun protection?  Oh well, the flowerbed looks wonderful.  It will be home to both herbs and flowers.  There's a hydrangea on one end where I have added the herbs.  The remainder of the bed has a  young Japanese Maple and will share it's area with flowers.  Sure will be nice to look out the back door and windows to a nice area of color. And Hubster said it would have the bonus of being easier to mow around. 

We talked today of a camping trip soon.  We're both ready.  Today would have been a fun day, but tonight a storm is predicted to come through our area.  Always something to separate us from our dreams.  Oh well, one day soon, before we wear out the campground books.    

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