Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Decisions are Coming Closer

Well, fiiiiiinallly, the Hub is talking about pulling the camper out of the driveway. Hallelujah!  Whew, thought I would go nuts waiting for the man to make a decision.  I usually wait (impatiently) as the dutiful wife and practice my wifely silence. And today, blessed be the day, he decides to discuss the remaining "con" to camping right now.  I've been using my brain dust to come up with solutions so when the time is right, I'll be there with a solution that's feasible and most importantly, one he will grab enthusiastically.  By 11pm tonight he will claim the idea was his all along. I can live with that. We little women must be smart and wait for the perfect moment.  Nope, not going to write what the major con is, but it is definitely insignificant on my priority scales, but to him it's near the top.  I presented my Solution A and B.  He liked the latter.  Fine, either works.  Someone else controls A, he controls B.  He likes to be Big Cheese.  My prediction: it will work beautifully.

So, the plan is to move out next week.  One of my contributions is to cook ahead and freeze meals so we can eat in food heaven while away.  Yep, my cooking is usually better than 98.47% of affordable restaurants.  He knows that, and will enjoy great meals.  He thinks he's pampering me by eating out when we camp.  But I prefer eating at "home".  Now, I need to make a list of menus.  What fun!  Fortunately, I love to cook.   

We have narrowed the destination to two areas.  All east of here. I think a cleared campsite would be preferable to let the sun warm us.  Deep in the woods sites will be the choice during hot weather. A fellow blogger recently wrote about a solution for internet access:  Millenicom.  I checked it out online last night and it is a viable one for sure.  I especially like the idea of a no-contract agreement.  Hubster is definitely on my side with this one.  He knows a happy wife guarantees happy camping. 

I need to start a list.  

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