Monday, April 25, 2011

Fried Rice

Such a beautiful day, it's started out sunny and the birds are happily chirping away to each other.  What a way to start a day!  I've often wondered what they are saying to each other but since I don't talk Bird, I guess I'll never know. 

I'm having lunch with my friend, Bobbie, at a Chinese restaurant today and then we're going to do a bit of shopping.  I don't think either one of us has anything particular in mind to buy but it will be fun to be together. 

My friend Pat gave me a birthday gift yesterday.  It was a BIG gift bag with several neat things. She even included something for the hubster!  I'll see if I can take a picture to include with this blog. 

The picture doesn't do them justice, but they are all cute items.  I took a picture of my new kitchen curtains this morning - the ones where I sewed my index finger right into the curtains!  Ouch. I got blood on the pants I was wearing but don't see that I got any on the curtains. 

Oh, I must take a picture of my boo boo.  It's wrapped in surgical tape to protect it since it's still really sore.  I'm wondering if I should file a claim with myself, then charge for the treatment and the cost of the bandage, not to mention the pain, and agony...

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