Friday, April 1, 2011

Here And There

I've been eager for the sun to return her smiling face to me - so today she did. But not just the sun - the wind returned too.  The two together made for a sunny but windy day.  But the added dampness and chilliness was the kind that seems to curl around under your clothes and make you cold to the bone.  Oh well, the sun was out and after all, that IS what I asked for.  Hubster and I headed out this morning for some errand running.  Such fun being free.  Well, it was April Fool's Day and no one played a trick on us, unless it was the weather. 

We drove to the bank, the post office, and two grocery stores.  The second grocery store was for a forgotten item from the first... blueberries.  Hubster likes blueberries.  So, ok, it necessitated a second grocery store run, but that was ok. 

We're retired, have all day, but this time I elected to remain in the car and I watched people.  Some hobbled, some hustled, some talked on their cell phones, some looked at their iPhones, some walked in alone, one walked in with a toddler racing around free from his car seat, even saw a friend walking in while her hair and coat was blowing around every which way.  But she didn't see me since we were quite a ways from each other.  Wanted to yell out the window, "Hey, Joan!" but I didn't since I knew my greeting would have been blown into the four winds. 

Then the cart boy came out and rounded up the buggies from all the buggy return corrals.  He had a nice long line of them while he snaked around cars coming in and leaving.  I was impressed with his dexterity and control.  One shopper a lane away shoved his buggy to the buggy boy and even in the wind and in spite of the distance, the guy caught it squarely, waved his thank you to the shopper, and hooked it on to his long coil of carts.  Then he disappeared through the store entrance. It was entertaining.  Then the hubster returned with his blueberries and off we headed to grab a quick lunch. 

We ended up at KFC where I chose a grilled chicken plate, two sides, a biscuit, and a drink.  It was good going down, but I suffered  a bit of a tummy ache afterward.  The cabinets and fridge are now stuffed with our purchases as well as a few things squeezed in the freezer.  We'll eat pretty well for another week or so. 

When we drove in, the mailman greeted us in the driveway with a package - it was Hubster's tomato plants he had ordered from an organic grower.  They look wonderful and I sure am impressed at how they arrived in such terrific shape while boxed away from the sun. 

My fourth and final book has been read and I am undergoing a withdrawal period tonight.  Tomorrow is Saturday so off I will go to the library to refill my reading stack.  I only picked four books this time, thinking I might not read as much if the weather is nice.  I think I should go ahead and get lots of books and if I read them all, that would be great.  If not, at least I have the choice of which ones to enjoy.  They can always be renewed or exchanged for different ones.  Thankfully, I don't have to buy all the books I read.  Whew, that would quickly deplete my monthly geezer entertainment fund.   

We still want to head out in the camper, but the weather will have to cooperate for that to happen.  But it will happen soon.  Soon.  I will be ready.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy my azaleas which will be opening soon.


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