Saturday, April 23, 2011

Attack of the Sewing Machine

It was a busy day today.  Jeff came by and wanted to repair our kitchen back splash but we told him no, we'd do it.  Think he feels bad he made the mess.  Sweetz and I need to go to Lowes one day next week to get the supplies, shouldn't be too difficult.  Maybe working together on this project will keep us out of trouble.   We gave Jeff a tour of our backyard garden - he seemed to be impressed.  The garden always looks good this time of the year, healthy plants, shooting for the sky.  We have a few red strawberries and plenty of green ones coming behind.  Should be a decent year for strawberries.  Not my favorite fruit, but is good in moderation and they certainly look colorful. 

I ironed a bunch of short sleeved blouses today.  Now,  I'm ready for some warm weather.  I'll wear one to church tomorrow.  No new Easter duds for me this year.  Hardly worth it, since I have plenty of clothes and need no more at this point. 

The sudoku bug has bit me - it's nearly impossible for me to put down the game book.  I bought a book of 117 puzzles and I'm already on #19. 

I made a pair of cafe curtains for the kitchen window today.  I wanted to change from Tuscan colors to blue & green.  I'm happier with this color scheme.  Certainly peppier and that's my outlook right now - peppy. 

I actually am ashamed to admit it, but I stabbed the sewing machine needle into my fingertip as I was threading the machine.  I must have hit the wrong button and the machine jerked into position and down that needle came - chomping right into my finger tip.  Can't believe I didn't know better as long as I have been sewing.  Ouch, bled like a stuck pig and was jumping up and down like a crazy woman so didn't get any pictures.  I let it bleed awhile, then I rinsed it, then I cleaned it with soap and water, then rinsed it again, cleaned it with alcohol, and finally squirted some antibiotic cream on it.  I'm sporting a piece of surgical tape on the fingertip now.  I think all the bandaids  are in the camper, but this tape will do.  I don't want the wound to get infected so I need to keep a close eye on it.   

We're going to eat lunch with Pat and Wil tomorrow after church.  Wonder if she will wear a new outfit?  She has had some health issues and is beginning to feel more like herself now.  I'm so glad she's feeling like getting out again.  I've missed seeing them. 

This picture reminds me of some of the little worksheets my son used to do in kindergarten.  The heading would read, "Which one doesn't belong?"  Or maybe it should be entitled, "Can you see me now?"

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