Thursday, April 14, 2011


Tuesday 10:30pm

It was nice today getting
out and about a bit, nothing fancy, just a few minutes online sitting
in front of the library since they didn't open until noon.  Not sure
why they open so late.  Maybe it was a budget restraint decision.
For whatever reason...they kept their wireless connected and I was
able to get online sitting in front of the building.  We ate lunch at
a seafood restaurant which was ok, nothing great.  Waitress was only
4 on a scale of 1-10.  Needing nothing else, we tromped back to the
campground.  The lake awaited us and we needed to get back to watch
the little waves heading toward shore.  Sweetz lost his latest
fishing game, so he bought a new batch of bait and tried that game
again this afternoon/evening.  He only caught one catfish today but
it wasn't big enough to keep.  No doubt he be out again tomorrow to
wet a line once again.

After we arrived back at
the campground. we were relaxing by the fire but kept an eye on a
storm brewing quickly over the lake.  It boiled around, making lots
of noise, then the rain started.  It lasted about an hour then it
moved on.  We've been in the camper playing games, watching TV, and
listening to our favorite talk radio station.  Even though we're away
from home, it still doesn't mean we have lose touch with what's
happening in the world.   It's definitely time for prayers for our
country, but God is in control.  Now, it's snooze time and I'll have
to leave my concerns in God's capable hands.

Wednesday, April 13

It got nippy during the
night so I rolled out of bed and dialed up the heat.  Ahhhhh, it was
nice to be toasty again.  There were some night animal sounds since
the campground is nearly vacant.  Not sure what little critters are
moving around at night but the trash lid was off this morning –
thinking it was a raccoon.  Whatever, they didn't bother us.  There
are deer tracks in the sand today so they came through to get a drink
of water.  Maybe we are camping in the middle of a zoo!

The hubster fished this
morning but since there was nothing on his stringer when he came
back,  I fixed a late lunch for us a bit ago.  It's warm now – in
the 70s with a nice little breeze floating through making little
white caps on the lake which are  glistening like freshly-cut
diamonds on the surface of the water.  The neighbor in our loop moved
out after lunch so we are the only campers in this section.  A ranger
drives through about once an hour or so to check on things and we
wave to each other.  Life can be sooooo tough sometimes!  I've
developed quite a thing for playing sudoko.  The only thing is that
hubster likes his crossword and word search puzzles and they are in
the same book.  So, we share --- and try not to gr*wl.  Maybe we
should set a timer to keep things fair.  Yep, he's got the puzzle
book now so I think I'll grab my novel.  It's interesting and I only
have about 50 more pages to go.  After that, I'll bike around the

Rode my bike all over the
little hills in this area.  Checked out the marina, some the empty
loops, the ampitheater, etc. while loosening up the joints and
strengthening the gluts.  Hopefully, a few other muscles got a
workout too. Who knows – maybe I'll be thin as a rail when we
return home!!  LOL 

The campground is nearly empty but we are
thankful for the quiet days/nights that we are enjoying this week. We
plan to head back to the library tomorrow to allow some on-line time.
I'll dump this in the blog while I'm sitting comfortably in my car.
Or, I might just head in to sit at a comfortable desk while it's
available at such a nice library.  It's time for bed again – rough
stay at the lake!! But someone has to be here to keep an eye on the
sunrises and sunsets.  It was windy all afternoon and evening until
sunset.  Yep, got a few pictures, but mostly I just enjoyed watching
the views this trip.  They have been magnificent with no campers to block
our view.  An entire panoramic view just for us with the most
gorgeous pinks, purples, violets, and blues.  Awesome is the word
that comes to mind.  God's creations are definitely awesome.

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