Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Enough

Yesterday was my birthday!  Yay, another year closes around geezerhood.  Still trying to figure out when middle geezerhood begins and then another troubling question is determining the age that determines advanced geezerhood.  With complete confidence, I can say that my youth has floated away although I don't give my hard-earned money to any of those BYoungForever products from hair color to anti-wrinkle cream.  God gave me my body and this is the way it will remain unless it's a matter of life or limb.  My  gallbladder was removed a few years ago but that was because the extreme pain I experienced eventually convinced me to sign the operative permit to have that organ removed. 
A special necklace was lost a few weeks ago and I was awakened  this morning by a nice young lady telling me that she had found my necklace.  She warned me that it was a bit bent, but seemed ok other than that.  That was good news.  I've done a bit of simple jewelry crafting and repair for a few years so I am holding out hope that this will be something I can handle.  

We had snow yesterday.  Yes, SNOW.  On my birthday.  As far as I can recollect, there has never been snow on March 28.  That was a first.  Of course, I snapped a few pictures, although we had little accumulation.  One day I will have no memory left but will have a picture or two to prove it actually happened.  At that rate, I should take a few pictures of my pile of pennies to prove I used to have a few retirement coins. 

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