Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dinner With Friends

Sweetz and I were invited to dinner with some friends Tuesday night.  I'm not a dog person being the "mom" of two katz, but their darling dog, Snoopy, was adorable.  He stayed with me and even curled at my feet during dinner.  Then afterward in the den he sat in my lap and was rewarded with a nice scratch and long massage. We watched a movie after dinner that they had been talking about and it was fun to laugh and enjoy the evening with a wonderfully sweet couple.

And the FOOD....  Oh, it was delicious.  Roast beef baked slowly in the oven, fresh green beans, and cheese potatoes.  Yummy.  Mary bakes her own bread, so we had HUGE rolls.  They were lip smacking good.  I asked if she'd teach me how to make them.  She said she would.  I've "tried" to make homemade bread/rolls before, but they never rose to that light and fluffy height.  I definitely need a lesson. There was cake for dessert.  Everything was delicious.  Mary enjoys crocheting, knitting, crewel work, cross-stitch, sewing, etc. so we had lots of things in common and she showed me her latest projects.  Charles has a nice boat so Sweetz had to check it out and was even able to hop in and sit in the boat.  Looked a bit funny when I went into the garage and saw both guys sitting in a boat.  I didn't have my camera with me but that would have made a cute picture.  There was a treadmill near the boat, so I hopped on and walked while the men were planning the next time they could get out with the boat. 

Forgot to add that when we first drove into their driveway, there were wild turkeys in their front yard.  We thought they were those artificial ones but realized in just a few seconds that they were real when they started moving.  We counted seven turkeys and all were beautiful with colorful glossy feathers.  We sat in the car awhile and watched them while they made their way across the drive and into the woods behind the home.  It was a great way to start an enjoyable evening.

I took something for Charles and Mary which I thought was cute.  They are planning a long camping trip to FL and thought these could be used.  At least they are green and ready for St. Patty's Day.

Since blogger isn't allowing me to adjust the font size, this entry is in a smaller font than usual.  Also other settings seem to not be accessible this morning.  Spell check isn't working either.  Pictures continue to be added at the end of the blog.  Maybe those smart blogger guys are working on improving these settings. We can hope...

11 pm I'll start typing with larger font... yep, it worked this time.  I spent the evening crocheting a dishcloth from cotton yarn.  I've bought several of these dishcloths at craft shows and loved decided to see if I can make one myself.  Took me awhile to understand the pattern (sedge stitch) but by the third try I realized my misunderstanding of one step.  Once I did it correctly, the dishcloth finished nicely.  While out at WallyMart this morning, I bought two small skeins of cotton yarn.  Realizing this yarn is 4-ply which makes a thicker item, I compensated by making it shorter than the pattern stated which worked out more to my liking.  Not sure if there is a 2-ply in our shopping deficit of a town. This solution worked and that's the name of the game. 

Just got an email from RoadRunner that I haven't installed the modem they sent me a few weeks ago.  Think they'd come out and  do it for me?  Nah, guess I better hook it up tomorrow. 

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