Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today started out rainy.  We got drenched getting from the parking lot into the church.  By then my shoes were wet and I never did get warm.  Of course, it was a small price to pay to worship with fellow believers.  We sat next to my favorite member: Mr. Wall.  He's a dear fellow who lost his wife about a year ago and has had a hard time since he's misses her so. He's about as sweet as a sunkissed Georgia peach in July and nearly 90.  Yes, he's definitely a sweetheart.

We ate lunch at a Japanese place with two of our friends.  She's been having a bit of a problem with increased blood pressure for a couple of weeks and I'm hoping she consults her physician to see what's causing that.  Her husband suggested a complete physical and

I took a much-needed nap this afternoon to get caught up with some lost snoozing hours last night.  Woke up way too early this morning with a dream and never could get back to sleep. I'm so thankful I was able to grab a nap today.  Certainly does help me get back on my game.  What game?  Well, let me see.  Maybe I could call it the Retirement Game.  But probably more like the Getting Lazier Than Ever Game. 

If the weather is conducive, I want to walk tomorrow.  The fat continues to live happily on my body and it's past time to shake it.  I've nearly shaken the soft drink addict stage and am on to the tea and water phase.  After that?  Well, hopefully mostly water. 

Nope, didn't eat the Oreos, just thought they were nice in the picture. Actually ate two carrots. Yum. 

Sweetz cut some daffodils for the house and they look quite perky.

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