Friday, March 4, 2011

Staying Busy in a Quiet Environment

It's been a great day - home all day - even inside most of the day.  But it was still wonderful.  I read alot today, seemed to be a perfect day to read.  Tonight it's supposed to rain but probably will start as a drizzle and the forecast for the weekend doesn't look too promising for outdoor activities. But we've had sunny skies for several days so I will be ok. Maybe I can find my St. Patrick's Day decorations if I actually brought them home from my old office/desk/work.  If not, there's always Dollar Tree where for $4, I can find four neat things to liven up my plain wreath.  A bow, a package of little 4-leaf clovers, a "Lucky" sign, and maybe a pot of gold!

Wow, I have four invitations for get-togethers this coming week.  It will be nice to get out and enjoy being with others. I'm already beginning to yawn, so am thinking some pillow time will be the best option right now.  I'll go find my toothbrush and then my jammies, hopefully snoozing between the sheets will come shortly after that.  Whew, retirement is sooooooooooo tiring.   

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