Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joys of Spring

Today was a beautiful spring day - just the way I like them.  I got some things done around here, mostly the usual breakfast, dishes, bed, sweeping, etc., but also got some plants repotted.  That is a task that I always enjoy in the spring.  Then I showered and dressed and was off for lunch with some friends - Bobbie, Marcia, and Joan.  We all worked together for many years and it's nice to keep in touch with each of them.  Lunch was delicious and the fellowship was even better.  After lunch I drove around in the country awhile and enjoyed some early spring views. 

My tray of seed starter cups is beginning to stay outside on the front porch during these warmer days so they can get lots of light.  The zinnias were the first to pop their little heads, and the parsley has yet to germinate, but I remember they are quite slow.  A few dill and daisies are beginning to pop up so now I have a promise of a few plants for the garden.  

Hubster took the cover off the camper and checked all the systems and reported all were in excellent working order.  Even our brand spanking new hot water heater worked beautifully.  Well, it should at the price we had to pay, but it's still nice to know there's a promise of a trip as soon as the weather warms up enough for us to head out. 

I walked on mom's treadmill Tues and Wed.  I shot this picture just as I finished 31 minutes yesterday.  And 200 calories.  Ummm, guess that was just enough to cover the peaches and Cool Whip I had for dessert.  I didn't walk on it today since I spent 30 min walking around mom's yard picking up a zillion sticks and twigs.  Even lost my cell phone, but prayed about it and God showed me just where it was hiding in the grass.  All that to say, my popping up and down surely was a even exchange for walking on the treadmill, plus I was also able to enjoy the outdoors.  

Mom called and will be returning from the beach tomorrow.  She said they had a great time and the weather was nice, although just a tad too cool/windy for a walk on the beach.  

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