Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Luck of the Irish

Yesterday, I met a friend for lunch.  The food was delicious but the chat and visit were even better.  The rest of the afternoon was spent running a few errands and shopping for a few items.  Not many people were out and about so it was nice to get a good parking spot and stroll the aisles with relative peace.  Even the cashiers welcomed shoppers enthusiastically when we walked in the door.  The weather pushed the spring season, not really warm, but sunny and so much better than the cold winter we just experienced.  The grass is even beginning to turn green.

Since I was to meet two other girlfriends for dinner, I drove to that area and shopped some more. There was a bit of fun playing the Avoid the Cones game.  Wonder how long the road construction will last. The three of us ate at Kickback Jack's.  It was loud so we felt like we were yelling across the booth, but my burger was delicious and you should have seen how BIG it was.  I had to nibble on the top half, or the bottom half or nibble in the burger in the middle.  I mean it was BIG.  No picture of it.  Camera was in the car and I was having so much fun, I didn't want to go get it.  Yep, it would have made a great picture! Only bought two little things the entire day but it was nice to do some compari$on shopping in another town. 

This morning I downloaded and printed a subway St. Patrick's Day sign to frame.  It's nice sprucing up a corner in my kitchen. 

Not sure why the pictures don't go where I want to place them today.  Grrrr***.  Ok, they are at the end of the day's blog entry -- against my will.  I'll not get bent out of shape about it, maybe tomorrow it will work...

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