Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March of the Modems

11:15 am
Today began overcast and foggy, but now it's sunny and warming up.  That's a surprise and I couldn't be more pleased.  I started seeds in starter trays a week ago and now I have little seedlings in 3 of the trays - the ones with flower seeds.  The herb trays are still harboring their surprises till later, obviously slower to germinate.  That's ok, it's not warm enough outside for the plants yet anyway. Sweetz and I put the trays outside in the sun so hopefully the seedlings won't get too leggy. But I'll need sun everyday and I don't have a sun control button. 

Sweetz recently ordered some vegetable plants and seeds online.  This morning we ordered some heirloom seeds from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds website.  My thanks to Vivian for the names of various websites.  Vivian and her husband have delicious vegetables from their garden so hopefully we will have similar success.

I'm going to mom's in a bit to get the mail and walk on her treadmill.  I walked 31 minutes yesterday, hopefully I can up that today or at least match it. The treadmill is in her spare bedroom and I can't hear her TV (in the den).  Since there's no radio or TV in that room, I need to come up with something to occupy myself for at least 30 min.  There's a book holder but not sure I can read that far away. She has no internet access either, so I can't prop the laptop on it either. 

Followup of the computer tech scheduled visit:  He (Lil Brian) called 2.5 hrs after he was to show up yesterday evening , said he was on his way here.  Told him I had reinstalled the old modem one minute after getting off the phone with the company's highest tech support person and had been back online since waiting for him to arrive.  He snickered.  At that point, I was having second thoughts about this internet company, but it wasn't his fault so decided to give him my best attitude.  I suggested I keep the old modem as it was only a few months old and working fine.  He was ok with that and entered the info into the computer.  I'm to return the new modem to the company.  I'm ok with that too.  WoooooHoooo: Another win for the Geezer!

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