Monday, March 14, 2011

My Eyes Want to Shut

Today was computer/internet day.  Oh, and change the sheets day and make cornbread day.  Probably some more stuff happened but can't remember anything much more than the computers.  I finally exchanged the modem my provider sent me and insisted I replace the old one (6 mo old and working fine).  Didn't work - couldn't get online.  Not a good way to start my afternoon. 

Since my laptop CD/DVD drive arrived, I drove to the computer techie shop with my laptop in tow and they installed the new drive. Great people there and knowledgeable.  While there, I asked lots of questions about my modem and wireless box.  The two techies were very helpful.  When I got home I did what they said but couldn't get back on the internet although my laptop said it was on.  Right.  OK, then I spent hours online with my provider who flipped me from one tech to a higher techie and then yet a third higher level tech.  Nothing worked.  They FINALLY decided to send an on-site tech here to the house tomorrow.  Fine, that's what I wanted all along.  OK, things are now in motion. 

After I got off the phone, I decided to try a few things myself.  I'm not stupid -- retired, female, chubby, but definitely not stupid.  Ahhhh, within one minute I had it fixed.  Computer working, internet accessed, wireless humming smoothly.  Maybe I should send RR an invoice.  So now the tech support guy will arrive tomorrow to fix things - and I decided I will just let him come.  Won't he be surprised to see a geezer did it herself!!  Can't wait to see his bright young surprised eyes tomorrow.  I have a few questions anyway, plus guess I'd cancel the appt if I knew how to contact the guy to stop him from coming. 

I'm still dealing with DST.  We lost an hour and thought I found it, or at least borrowed it from my awake hours.  Must not have worked because since about 6 pm I've been extremely sleepy.  Maybe I'll roll into those sheets early tonight.

Last Friday I planted seeds in some of those little seed starter trays.  And today I noticed some of the flower seeds have sprouted. That was fast! Not the herbs yet, but hopefully they will be popping up soon too. 

The three library books I picked out started out on a great note.  The first book has been very good, actually to the point that it's difficult to put it down.  Only about 75 pages left to read, but I have time, so no rush to finish, but I want to.  But my eyes want to shut.  I would bet on the eyes winning this contest.

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