Thursday, March 3, 2011

Date Day

Sweetz and I spent yesterday on what we called Date Day.  We watched the movie "The King's Speech" which was quite good. 

We had a delicious meal at LoneStar then did a bit of shopping including a stop at Sam's.  I didn't see any bargains there, not sure why we continue to go and buy.  With no luck at all, bargains can be found easily at Food Lion with our MVP card.  A quick swipe at the checkout and I saved $8.43 the last time I was there on just a few items. 

A friend lost her sister unexpectedly this week, so I think I'll make a card for her.  While my supplies are out, I might make a few other cards to have handy.  Hope I never need another sympathy card.  When I told a younger friend of mine that there seemed to be so many people dying these days, she commented that maybe it was the age group I was in.  Ouch, that stung like a bee!  But really, it does seem there are more than the usual number of deaths lately, and many with cancer. 

Today, mom and I had lunch at an eatery sponsored by a local church.  Their food is exceptional with generous portions.  I had a 1/2 turkey sandwich and cup of chicken and dumplings.  Yum, was it good.  There were several people in there from the place where I used to work and there were some warm greetings and hugs and miss you's.  Everyone seemed happy for me that I was able to quit work.  Hate to see them have to keep working so hard, but their time will come. 

I drove the long way home with many detours in order to enjoy the sunny day.  I didn't take any pictures, nothing seemed worthy of a snap.   Guess it was just my mood today.  We stopped at a couple of shops but I didn't find anything worthy of my money slipping out of my wallet.  I did stop in the computer store to pay a deposit for a new combination CD/DVD drive for my notebook computer.  The owner said he had been duped by people ordering things which couldn't be returned, so now they require a deposit.  Fine.  So, they got half of the cost.  Hopefully, the new part will be the answer.  I have a memory card full of pictures that need to be saved to a DVD. Hope it works.  If not, I'm thinking of buying a second laptop.  Yep, Sam's had them.  I looked.  Money remained in the wallet for now. 

One of the nursing managers was diagnosed with breast cancer
just a few short months ago.  
She lost her battle with this cruel disease last night
Her husband and son must be devastated and in a dizzying fog
since her life was cut down to just
a few remaining months. 
It would be wonderful if a cure for cancer is found

I'm thinking a cup of ice cream would be nice about now.  I walked mom's treadmill for over a mile today, which equalled more than 100 calories.  Yippeee, my mood just zipped up a notch or two.

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