Friday, April 9, 2010

Snip Snip

Ahhh, another Friday. There's something that makes a Friday bubble up inside and a smile break out across my face. Especially those in the spring. We have a TON of yellow pollen, it's thicker than I have ever seen it. Enough to choke a horse. We had some rain last night so it cleared the air a bit but my car is hideous and is no longer silver but a blotchy yellow mess. Sure needs a wash, but it won't get one tonight.

Yesterday after work I got my hair cut - a bit different of a cut this time. It has a flippy thing happening in the back, shorter on the sides which flips to the back, parts on the opposite side. I had sketched a rendition of the haircut and showed it to Lori, my scissor lady. She frowns, sighs, questions me, and then proceeds to say she ummmm thought it would be ok on me. But then before she starts with the scissors, she asks me if that's what I really want. When I press her, she finally says it umm will probably be ok. But I can sense her hesitation. She knows I won't like it more than a day but she tried to keep me happy. I just wanted something different, something more of a trendy look for awhile. So, this morning I had to try to salvage the "do" after sleeping on it all night. Sooo, I sit at my desk all day today and not ONE person even commented on the new cut. By this afternoon I am thinking that maybe it looked so bad no one WANTED to comment. Perhaps I should grab my shampoo bottle and jump in the shower. No, I will hold out a bit longer. Surely I can make it two days!

I went shopping for pants today after work. Not sure why, but some stores just aren't worth my walking into. Nothing for anyone under the age of 30 in the entire store. But the second one allowed me to walk out with 4 pair. Sure needed them, although I'm going to have to get my weight under control or will soon be spending my clothes dollar$ in the Big Mama Section. These will be good for now plus later when retirement catches up to me. I'm getting excited to close this chapter of my life and hang up my office keys. I might need to take Basic Retirement Survival Course 101 but surely I have that much under control.

Retired friends are wanting Sweetz and me to take trips with them. Sounds like fun. In the meantime, Sweetz and I will be taking a few days off to ride off in the sunset with the camper to see if we can share the same small space. He wants to fish - I want to read. If we can accomplish this, perhaps we will be ready for Camping Capers 201.

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