Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comparisons and conclusions

We had a great vacation - one that was a preview of retirement, soaking in some peace. that's something that isn't easily found at a place of employment probably no matter where anyone works. Oh, I've had jobs that were fulfilling, rewarding, challenging, fun. My previous boss was a WONDER. Ahhh, we had great times and became good friends, understood each other, shared, laughed, studied together. But then I've had two bosses that were rough.

The first difficult boss was at another facility - and was a classic micro manager. After we discussed this together she knew she would lose me if she didn't change so she was nice about it and I could tease her. I even got bold enough to tell her there was a line at my office door and she couldn't walk in until I gave her permission. She got better but it was sooooo difficult for her. She would stand at the doorway looking like a forgotten puppy with the toes of her shoes slightly behind my imaginary line but taking everything she could muster to stay there. Every time someone came in, she wanted to know all the details of who/why/what. But I could give her "that look" and she would try SOOOOO hard to not ask. I cleaned up the messy books and got her in the black again. She rewarded me with respect and learned to leave me alone.

Then we fast forward to the present. Ahhh, now THIS is definitely a much more difficult and complicated situation and one I'm preparing to launch my way out of as soon as I can. There are a few decisions to make, but actually at this point, decisions can be made after I am out and can think again. Each day is a struggle and while I smile outwardly, I am trying desperately to survive one minute at a time. I'm sure I could write a book but I need to keep it internal for a while at least. Perhaps in time I can get over the hurt and the frustration.

There was a time when I didn't like going to the dentist every 6 months. But compared to this boss, my bi-annual visit to Dr. Tooth today was a pleasure. Wonder if he could use a good employee?????

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