Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Monday

Yep, another Monday, but it went fairly quickly. Hope the other 4 rush by. It's April 5 and I am counting time till retirement. I try not to, but it's difficult to keep my mind off the eventual end of the working period of my life and start the slowdown curve to Oldie Avenue.

Sweetz asked me if I'd like to ride with him someplace on a business trip Sat. We used to take trips like this and it will be nice to get out together for the day. I'll pack a book, a couple of Cokes, and my camera of course. Perhaps we should pack our jammies and toothbrushes and spend the night. I'm wanting to buy another camera -and have my eye on a Nikon D5000 - just haven't gotten it yet. Our little town has no camera shop and our WallyWorld only has small cameras. I'd have to go to a bigger city and get it or I could order it online. I looked online again last night to see if the price was down any. To order it through WM versus an online photography website, the difference was $17. I was amazed. And one was the kit and the other was body only! Wonder how long it would take for it to be delivered. Ummm, before Saturday maybe? Hey, that's a plan!

I've been reading a book on heaven - and it's a fascinating read. We had a bad storm blow through so reading was a good way to spend some time until the thunder and rain stopped. Oh, and I played the piano. I've gotten back to playing more regularly now and it's relaxing and fun. I'm not all that good but I don't mind hearing myself play if that's any indication of my talent. Ooops, I heard thunder again. Might have to unplug my computer again. Yep, I have a surge protector, but I lost one computer even with a surge so I don't really trust them.

We are planning a long weekend getaway the middle of April - will be taking the camper so we can practice the Retiree Road Dance. It'll be short for us but it will be nice to get away even for a few days as I practice retirement.

I baked some chocolate chip cookies yesterday - a nice way to spend some time relaxing. And they will be nice to enjoy on our camping trip later this month. If there are any left!

Yesterday was Easter and church was nice except for the SS class. We were so disappointed in the alternate teacher. I told Sweetz that I couldn't see myself sitting in his class for an hour each Sunday. Gag, not sure what to do now. I'm actually thinking it would be nice to visit the larger church (yep, where our friends are visiting). We still have time to contemplate that before next Sunday. That is, if we aren't spending the night in some distant town enjoying a weekend away. We've decided to enjoy the little things as they land in our laps. Why not, life is short on this sod.

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