Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yippee, Sweetz and I are practicing retirement. What a life. We are camping off a large lake, people are nice, and the view is great. We lucked out and got a spot right at the end of a row on the water's edge. How nice is that? No internet there, but I'll try to entertain myself another way. Sure will be difficult though since I tend to be hooked on it. We went to Wally World and I got some beads and earrings thingies - so made 6 pair of earrings last night. The first campground was the PITS. There ought to be a truth or fiction guide to go by. So we went out searching and right down the road, maybe 3 miles on the opposite side of the road is another one. Right on this big lake and even though it's $5 more, it's worth the shady spots which are level and more spacious. The lady in the office is nice too, store, paddle boats and canoe rentals. Yep, I think we'll be just fine here. I'm at an internet cafe and Sweetz has gone next door to check out the fishing gear. It's hot today after last night when it was chilly. But that worked out ok since we just flipped on the heat for awhile and pulled out a blanket. Got too hot, so had to turn it off. But being away from work ----- priceless!

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