Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's such a beautiful day here! Lovely spring weather that makes you want to get outside and enjoy every minute. Sweetz and I worked outside some this morning and I need to do more of that to help get the extra pounds off my middle. I sit at work most of the day and even when I get home so I really need to be more active during this warmer weather. During the winter I can use the cold as an excuse, especially this past year. Well, that's over now and I need to be more active and push away from the table too.

I plan to do a bit of canning this summer - that is if the garden produces anything worthy of preserving in a jar.
Shouldn't have given so many of my jars away. Hindsight is pretty good. I used to do that for many years, but seems I want to do something productive this year. Maybe even some sewing for myself. Really hate those little maternity looking tops.

I've watched a few birds work on their nests today. Here's a sloppy mockingbird nest in the Lady Banks rose. One bluebird couple checked out Sweetz' bluebird nest. Bluebirds have chosen it each year but I don't know if it's the same couple moving in each year. Guess I need to get them to sign a rental agreement or at least register at the desk so we know who they are. It's interesting how Mr. and Mrs. Blue check it out dozens of times each day until finally deciding it's the best house on the block and would be perfect for their little darlings. Then we get to see them both bringing nesting material while one goes in and the other waits. This is easy compared to the seemingly thousands of hunting and gathering trips they go on when the little ones arrive. Bugs, beetles, and worms better watch out during those weeks!

Sweetz and I ate a lunch of sandwiches and chips on the front porch. Sure was nearly perfect. While there, we chatted about retirement hopes and dreams, planning and dreaming. We want to travel around the country to see some sights and relax. Ahhhh, I sure could use some of that rest. But what do we do with the house while we're away? There's a house sorta behind us that is rented. Ummm, as I watched the lady come out of the back of the house this afternoon and walk around the yard...I had the idea that maybe if we could find a good family, they could rent this house and we could have some income to travel. Would someone take care of it? Ahhh, but there are real estate businesses that would take care of that responsibility for a percentage of the rent. Ummm, definitely something to think about.

I just whipped up some macaroni salad and slaw. We were talking about starting a fire in our fire pit and roast hot dogs for supper. Now, that has a nice sound to it. Maybe we could beat the idea of renting our house around while the hot dogs sizzle. Then do some real serious study while the marshmallows roast. In the meantime I can sit here with the door open and listen to birds chirping. Not sure what they're talking about but I guess they find it interesting. It has a pleasant sound which makes life worthwhile as the day slowly comes to a close. Now, I'm off for the lighter.

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