Sunday, April 18, 2010

Temporary Reprieve

Neither of the campgrounds we stayed in had working wifi. Talk about disappointed. But I ended up enjoying myself anyway: walking, visiting several historic points of interest, eating at some great local restaurants, reading, and making 16 pair of earrings. Sweetz and I enjoyed having some time together and it was nice to just sit outdoors around the fire pit roasting marshmallows each evening and reliving our days. He fished each morning but left me to snooze in as long as I wanted. Not a bad trade-off for being left each morning. Not sure why it's fun to fish, but he threw them all back - said he didn't catch enough to keep for a meal. But he had fun and I'm glad. He met a nice man that we named "The Bread Man" for he threw out rolls for the fish. He had lots of stories of his life and entertained us each day.

One group of youngies from Ontario were obnoxious with their blaring music but fortunately for us they only stayed one night. Not sure why some folk think the entire CG is interested in hearing their musical selections. Seemed to be 3 men and one woman, all drunk as skunks. Perhaps the owner made them move on; whatever, the remainder of the time was peaceful. My favorite musical selection was the one where they drove out the front gate! Good riddance.

We toured the area and visited a couple of interesting historical sites. We had a dead battery one morning as we were planning to do a bit of sightseeing. But AAA got us back on the road in short order although Mr. Angel of Mercy had no personality. Of course, I guess we didn't need personality to get a car jumped. Are people unhappier at this point in history, or is it just my imagination? I smiled, I thanked him, but nothing changed his grim attitude. I had just the opposite attitude from the AAA lady. She even called us back two times to check on us to make sure we were ok while we waited on grim wrecker man, then a third time to make sure "Smiley" came and we got the car running. Wow, I was impressed with that attitude and followup of a customer! Now, it's back to the life as it has been doled out to me. Surely, after this short mini camping reprieve, work will be uneventful and Friday afternoon will speed into my view before I can feel the sheriff's presence. One can hope...

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