Friday, April 23, 2010

Did it!

While I look at a few of our retirement practice pictures from last weekend, I can't help but contrast that time with this week. Well, I did it. I submitted my resignation today and it was sheer pleasure. She gasped for air a second, then wouldn't talk to me for over an hour. Then wanted to know WHEN I had made that decision. Nope, didn't tell her. Many questions later, and I still didn't tell her the truth to any of them. "I need to move on" was about all I could say. When someone has asked me over the past year when I was going to retire, my pat answer has been, "The next bad day". Well, it was Wednesday. Decided trading my sanity for a few buck$ wasn't the way I wanted to spend my life.

Today the Big Suits took us "Assistants" out for Admin Professional's Day to a local Mexican restaurant and it was nice. My sheriff wasn't able to attend which was a delightful situation. I saw how the other bosses/assistants interacted, how they teased and yet respected each other. I can't say that. Survival is the best word I can use. That and make myself leave the rope at home. I look forward to a calmer life with less stress. Perhaps soon this blog can resume its merry way down a happier road. But in the meantime, I must come to terms with the damage done to my normally calm and serene self. Time should heal all wounds. I'm anxious to begin to heal and feel again. I also pity my replacement. If an applicant asks me for advice...I'll probably say "RUN, run as fast as you can!"

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