Friday, December 17, 2010

8 Days Till Christmas

We finished the puzzle...

and the next day I returned it to its box and started another one.  I organized the pieces into colors.  Since the pieces don't lock together very well, so it's not fulfilling my idea of fun.  Oh well, keeps us out of trouble I suppose.  

Today I had lunch with a group of friends at a beautiful home transformed into a restaurant.  The food was....just ok, but spending time with friends was great.  It was wonderful to see each one and hear each one's Christmas plans. 

I made bookmarks using some of my photos and gave each lady one.  Now, I KNOW every one of them will be reading lots of books after Christmas so they can use them.  LOL 

One of the other ladies gave each of us a little bag of goodies, one of which is a "Friend" tree ornament.  Of course, it's already hanging on our tree!  I still need more ornaments.  Am thinking of making some to fill in my empty boughs. 
Martha Stewart website ---> here I come!

After the lunch, I made a stop for a few essentials at the grocery store and to pick up the rest of the ingredients for a Paula Deen Red Velvet Cake.  Sweetz will be celebrating his birthday on Sunday so I'll make this as a special treat. Sweetz, mom, and I will meet our son and family in Greensboro on Sat for a birthday lunch.  He's chosen Bravo as the location and I'm hoping the shopping center isn't bulging with last-minute Christmas shoppers.  If so, I'll be thankful I have completed my shopping. 

I went to Tractor Supply this afternoon after our lunch to see if I could find a final Christmas gift for Sweetz.  We don't need anything so am having trouble coming up with interesting gifts without spending a fortune.  He's not into the techno items, latest gaming units, fancy phones, laptops, etc. so it requires me to be creative. 

Since I was already out, I took the opportunity to drive around the area and see the remnants of our latest snowfall.  It was foggy when I left at 12:45 to meet the ladies...

but by the time I left the restaurant, the fog had lifted and the snow/ice was melting on all the trees.  It sure was nice to meander the roads and not have to worry about the time.  I could get so I LOVE this retirement gig.  

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