Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Thin

A couple of days ago I called my scissored lady but she didn't call me back.  Hey, I don't have to go back if she doesn't feel obligated to return calls.  And she knows this well enough since I've moved out of range of her scissors several times.  Maybe she knows I'll be back. 
Anywhoo...I called a salon I frequented years ago and Kelly said, "Come on in" so off I went for a much-needed haircut.

Stopped first at the ATM for some $$ and arrived right on time.  Little skinny young cute vivacious Kelly was ready and waiting and knowledgeable with those scissors.  Wow, she did a great job. She cut out all my remaining perm so now I'm dependent on a curling iron for any kurlz that I want.  I was going to make a return appt but she didn't have her 2011 calendar, so I told her I'd call her - as she deftly placed her business card into my hand.   Sweetz seemed to like my hair, although he did comment that my hair seemed to be  Ouch!  He might need to stay far from me for a few hours. 

While I was out, I decided to get a flu shot - at a local drugstore.  Yipes.  It was a Walgreens and they were awful.  They had no idea I could see/or care what they were doing, but there was an older man who was in severe pain who was trying to get a Rx filled.  The pharmacist wasn't nice and the two techs weren't any better.  They actually rolled their eyes and giggled about him when he wasn't looking.  I plan to contact in the next day or two to complain.  The sharps container was nearly bulging with old needles and syringes, which isn't a good sign.  After working in a hospital/physician practice for most of working years, these issues were not acceptable.  The pharmacist gave me my flu shot, which she did effectively, but spoke down to me as if I was stupid.  Not a good sign to treat this senior as a dummy.  I do not plan to EVER give any Walgreens my business.

I ran a few errands while I was out and bought Sweetz a Christmas gift.  Or maybe it's his birthday gift...I haven't decided, both are this month.  I have a couple of other ideas so need to head out another day to get the rest.

The birds will be doing ok for a few months.  The birds will be enjoying this big bag of sunflower seeds.  And the suet will be enjoyed by the woodpeckers and cardinals.

My bathroom rug which was repaired with fabric glue a couple days ago held perfectly.  I was thrilled I didn't have to get out a big needle and heavy duty thread.  I enjoy sewing but that doesn't include mending.  Never cared for that aspect, but my mending stack is growing so that will have to be tackled one day soon or else we will have to add a room to the house.  Why soon?  I'm clueless.  Think I need to remind myself that I quit work six months ago and I schedule my own appointments since I'm now the BOSS.  OK, well, I will work on that project when I feel the urge - or whenever I want something bad enough from that stack.  I usually repair by color.  That way when I have enough items of one color, I use the same thread for those; and then change to the next colored thread (and yes, the bobbin requires the same color too).  That way I don't have to keep re-threading the machine and filling a bobbin too many times - plus it helps to have several bobbins pre-filled with common colors

Last night we ate at Sagebrush Steakhouse.  Wow, wow, wow - was it ever good. Waitress was great too!  We couldn't eat it all, so brought half home which we warmed for "lupper" today.  It's nice to have the last meal finished so now I work on something else. 

Last night, shortly before midnight, I finished the book I was reading.  There are two more remaining ones from the library in my basket so started one this afternoon.  I think it has promise to hold my attention.  If not...well, there's a fourth one.

This angel was glad to see me playing Christmas carols.  Maybe not as well as she hears in heaven, but I tried and she smiled. 

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