Friday, December 24, 2010

A Memorable Christmas Eve

Here it is - nearly the tail end of another Christmas Eve.  This was very special although I know I say that every year.  We changed our recent routine and gathered at our son and family's house this year.  Oops, I got Wendy with her eyes closed. 

We had some of Wendy's delicious homemade chili with lots of goodies on the side.  I made a batch of chicken salad and deviled eggs.  My mom made some candy and we also took several drinks, including apple cider and some soft drinks.  There was a cheese and cracker tray, another with slices of ham.  All was delicious.

After we finished the meal, we gathered in the living room while Brian read the Christmas story from Luke 2.  I played Santa and distributed the gifts to everyone. The boys were getting really excited at this point. 

Our son seemed thrilled with his Appalachian State photo frame.  He asked me to make him one way back in the fall but he said he had forgotten all about it.  So it was a bit hit.  He wanted each letter of Appalachian to be a photo in of itself to spell out the school's name.  He said it was awesome and couldn't wait to hang it. Wendy told him he couldn't take it to work - it had to stay home.  Nice compliments to warm a mom's heart.

Here's one of the finished project.  The last photo is one taken at an App football game from the stadium seats. Another oops...I didn't notice the stuff leaning against the wall behind it. 
I ordered three calendars from Vistaprint (new company for me) using 13 of my own photos, one for each month plus the cover.  Wow, I was thrilled with them, great quality for a reasonable price!  I also ordered one for mom and, of course, we needed to have one too!  They opened that box in the kitchen so as not ruin the surprise for mom when she opens hers tomorrow. Yep, they went on and on with praise for that gift too.  Whew, love it when a plan comes together. Oops, I forgot to take a picture of them.  Hopefully, I will remember to take a shot or two of a few of the pages to post at a later time.  Bear with me - I'm not perfect...yet.   

More snacks and then it was game time.  Wendy, the boys, and I played a new game for me (forgot the name) but since I was playing I didn't get any pictures of that time.  Sweetz and Brian played a computer hunting game. Grandma cheered us all on. 

It was a day of much laughter, fun, teasing, food, and then it was time for the oldies to load up for the road home.  It was a wonderful day with lots of love shared with family.  The memories will endure a long time especially when I look at the pictures of the evening. Ahhh. 

While the photos for today's posting were uploading, I wrapped the last stocking gifts for Sweetz so they will be ready.  Whew, talk about waiting till the last minute... 

I'm hoping Santa lets me sleep late in the morning.  Gotta remember to leave the door unlocked so the big jolly guy in the red suit can get in.  No fireplace here.  Shoot, I bet he has the latest GPS technology to keep him on track. It's mind-boggling what that man gets done in one night!!     

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