Monday, December 13, 2010

...And The Fire Is Sooooo Delightful

Our house is toasty and the fire is so delightful. 

Sure am glad we have a wood stove to supplement our gas heat. Sweetz loves to chop down trees, cut them up, split the logs and do all that stacking, hauling, etc.  He really enjoys all that labor and loves to be outdoors.  I enjoy watching - well, sometimes I help. 

Really...well, sometimes...for awhile...

It's been cold here this month, much lower than the normal highs.  Today was a moist windy cold that curls under your hood, down your neck, and freezes the skin it touches while it delights in taking your breath away. 

I had lunch with a friend today and we each chose a pinini sandwich and hot soup.  Warmed us up quickly.  Then we sat at the table awhile and enjoyed chatting in the warm room.  We then went shopping for about an hour but decided that it just wasn't fun being out in that cold weather.  So, we'll wait for a warmer day to get out again and we waved to each other as we headed home in opposite directions. 

Since I've finished my shopping, it was nice to mostly browse but I did get a few things that we could use this winter at home, plus a package of Christmas tissue and 2 rolls of wrapping paper so I can finish wrapping the last gifts.  You know some items seem to come in unnecessarily huge packages so that eats up of a roll of wrapping paper real fast.  Also, the gift for our son is rather large and I need something big to put it in.  I found a big bag for it - you know, the kind that will hold a huge toy for a child.  Better to be too big than too small.

Our son just called and we chatted on the phone to finalize the get-togethers for both Sweetz' birthday this weekend and also for Christmas Eve.  Seems he needed to consult the home activity calendar to make sure the time is available for his dad's birthday dinner at Bravo's in Greensboro on Sunday.  One of the boys might have a conflict but we'll figure out something when he calls back this evening.

Sweetz set up the card table in the living room this afternoon so he could work on a puzzle. And he's already accomplished quite a bit.  Well, he admitted it only had 550 pieces and was rather a simple picture.

We will definitely be buying another one or two puzzles so we can stay out of trouble this winter.  Gotta have something compelling to do when the weather is cold outdoors. I have a stack of mending to do, plus some organizing yet to be completed, even a hall and trim to paint. Some of our winter will be spent studying maps and campground directories not to mention determining some sights to visit along the Western Ho trip we are planning when it warms up.  Come on spring!!!! 

Our SS class had a catered dinner at one the the couple's home.  They have a lovely new home and the food and fun with the members was a treat during this Christmas season. There were about 30 of us and we settled all over their large home where there was plenty of room for everyone. 

Our church choir presented a Christmas cantata last night.  They did a great job and I know it was lots of practice and required many hours to get it to come together so well.  The church was decorated beautifully in classic red and green: candles, ribbons, wreaths, garlands, and of course a beautiful tree in the narthex.  After the cantata, there was a church-wide social so I spent the afternoon baking molasses/spice cookies and a batch of brownies to add to the spread.

My laptop has decided to not allow me to open CD/DVDs. It's been showing the signs, but tonight it said NO MORE.  So, I can't save pictures from the memory card.  Yipes, sounds like a trip to the computer geek.  How slowly the money comes in and how quickly it sifts through the fingers.  I need a lock box!! 

I'll close this with my wish for everyone to have a
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year.

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