Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Snow

Today started out nicely - rolled out of bed about 7am.  With the morning duties completed, it was time to head out to run a few errands.  Mom wanted to go too, so off we headed.  I took a picture of Ronnie mowing mom's leaves in the front yard.  I had no idea the front yard would look differently when we returned!  

First, we attended an annual Moravian candle tea and bazaar.  It's always nice to experience this to begin the Christmas season.  I bought a few things and off we went for other stops. 

We found the church where the drive-through live Nativity would be held.  The plan was to return after 7pm to see it live. We ran into part of a small-town Christmas parade so we sat and watched it awhile.  Then off for more stops, ending at a Japanese restaurant.  This has always been one of my favorite places to eat.  The owner told me the economy was really hurting him and he was working through steps to keep the business open.  It's always sad news when I hear of the economy affecting so many small businesses in our area. 

As I looked out the restaurant door, I noticed it was snowing.  Off we headed to the car and on toward home trying to arrive before the snow started sticking to the roads.  The driving was uneventful so I took some side roads to check out the area.  It was nearly impossible to go directly home because of the beautiful scenes right in front of my eyes.  Such beauty - lovely, lovely, lovely. 

I unloaded Mom's purchases and went inside to enjoy some mom/daughter talk.  She gave me a fruitcake she made especially for me.  It's my grandma's recipe, and is one of the best I've ever tasted.  Even though Mom only has a few decorations, they are nice. I left the camera in my car so I don't have any pictures.  

A good day was had by all...

A few final shots of the day:  a wreath with red bow on the camper cover.  Uh Oh, I see my dear Sweetz has hung it upside down...ummmm... I'll change it one day...

And here's a shot of an oak branch in our back yard full of snow...

I have a supper date next week with some friends from where I used to work.  It will be good to have a girls' night out with much laughter and catch up stories.  Of course, one of them called me "old" today...ummm, guess I'll forgive her for that comment.

The rest of the errands have been postponed to next week. This snow won't last long since the high will be above freezing tomorrow.  But hopefully we will have at least one more nice snowfall this winter.  Only for the beauty - and pictures, of course!

And here's the same scene in mom's front yard about 4 hours later - quite a contrast!

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