Friday, December 31, 2010

The End, The Beginning

It's the last day of 2010 - a great time to be thinking about the year - the changes, the fun, and the challenges.  We know where we've been - but what's in store for us?  What will 2011 offer us? The future is a great unknown.  But it's fun to know that whatever happens, we're ready for it.  God has blessed us during our entire lifetime, so I'm confident in His care as I look forward to stepping into 2011. 

Today seemed like a great day to do a bit of cooking, so I made a big pot of bean and ham soup.  The stock pot simmered while I chopped and added all sorts of great things.  I never am satisfied with plain soup, so I added herbs and other veggies.  I also baked a ham while the soup was simmering.  The house had such luscious smells all afternoon. Sweetz was having trouble staying out of the kitchen and checked out the steaming pots several times.

This afternoon I got sooooo sleepy, I just HAD to lie down for a nap.  Whew, and it was a looong one.  You know, the kind that satisfies the entire body.  Ahhhh.  I'm so thankful I am able to lie down in the middle of the afternoon and take a luscious snoozzzze.  That was impossible when I was a working gal. WhoooHooo, a nap is a pleasure when the need is there. Doesn't happen often, but today was that day.  

After my nap, we ate supper - yes, the delicious soup!! Yummmm.  About half the pot went into the freezer for later meals - yes, next year!!  I'm thinking it will be awesome to have some meals already prepared when we've been busy with other things and neither of us want to cook or go out.

It was in the 50s here today and more than a half of our snow melted - sure will be great to see the ground again.  Not quite as good as green grass, but spring will come again.  And I'll definitely be ready.

I fixed a cute little decoration for New Years.  It's just the two of us tonight so I don't have to impress anyone.  I must admit I did think of inviting some couples over, but then got lazy.  Yeah, lazy.  We'll just watch some of the fun on the TV and watch the ball drop at midnight and that will be that.  Mostly, we'll probably just chill, eat some snacks, and read until the big moment arrives.  Since we're not party animals, this is our speed.

Tomorrow we are invited to a friend's house for breakfast.  Now, that's a new twist to ushering in the new year!  A definite new experience for us.  So, here's to a Happy New Year for everyone everywhere.  Stay safe.   

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