Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gloves and Scarf Weather

Today it was a battle between doing a bit of Christmas shopping and trying to stay warm.  Brrrrr, it was cold.  My gloves and scarf did a wonderful job. 
No, I didn't get to scratch anything off my Christmas list today: Sweetz was hanging around, even saw what I had hidden in the trunk.  At this rate, he will have no surprises on Christmas morning. I did see a lady I used to work with.  She's recently had surgery on her hand but since she was doing so well, she was out working her Christmas list.  She said she was ready to go back to work!  Ahhh, I'll give her a few more years to rethink that wish.  

I spent a few hours this morning working on a photographic project for my son.  Hopefully, it will be finished soon.  We will be at their house on Christmas Eve, so at least I have a few more days to get it done.  Will he like it?  Ummm, that remains to be seen.   

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