Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Rush of the Season

After a bit of a struggle this morning, I finally headed off to run some errands and get a handle on my Christmas shopping.  It's coming together and soon I will be finished. 

I found some neat decorated boxes which I intend to be the extent of most of my giftwrapping.  I plan to wrap a ribbon around each one and put a tag on a simple bow and that will be that!  I got a Lowes gift card for Sweetz and found the cutest tiny black toolbox which makes a perfect home for the gift card.  He will love that.  Since his birthday is also this month, another gift is needed so off I plan to go tomorrow to get something he mentioned several weeks ago.  Also I need to get a few stocking gifts for him. Yep, we still get a big kick out of that tradition. 

I haven't gotten the grandsons anything yet, and it looks like I need to ask their dad and mom for some ideas.  I'm still working (ok, occasionally working) on the photo gift for our son and hopefully I can wrap that project up in a couple of days.  It's big - and it will require some creative wrapping.  Yes, I think he'll like it and it's something he requested.  It's nice to know he specifically asked me for this project using my own photos.  I'll take pictures of the finished project soon and post it.  

The high today wasn't too bad - mid 30s and I think tomorrow will be about the same.  And since today was sunny, it was deceiving how cold it actually felt.  One stop was the library to exchange books.  Now I have four more books and they look like good choices.  Can hardly wait to get involved in another book since it's always a good way to shut away the problems of the world.  

And I need to tackle my Christmas cards too.  So much to do, so little time.  Oh, but I'm retired so I should be able to get everything done and still have time left over.  I'm practicing.        

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