Thursday, October 28, 2010

Errands Followed By An Evening With Friends

After all that rain we had for two days, it was nice to see the sun and some dry weather today.  The sun came out this morning and it was warm - went up to 78* today.  This warm fall has been nice but it's rather unique for us here in Carolina. 

Sweetz checked the rain gauge today - over 5" of rain yesterday.  We didn't experience any damage and I was thankful for that.

A cheery fall yard banner

Thought this was different: a dogwood leaf with two distinct colors.  There's no blurring of the colors -  just a definite separation of red and yellow.  The holes were created by hail about a month ago.

I  ran some errands today: library, bank, and post office.  We are filling a shoebox this year for a little boy, so we also shopped for some goodies and fun things.  We stuffed that shoe box full.  Another task off our list. 

Tomorrow we are going with the seniors from church for a day trip. Not sure what all we will be doing/seeing but we'll have fun enjoying being together.  And I'll try to remember to grab my camera! 

Tonight I was invited to a friend's birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  Sure was good and we had a great deal of fun laughing and filling in the details from the last time we were together.  I forgot my camera so there are no pictures to share.  Two ladies had recently been out of the country (one to Ireland and the other to Germany) so they shared their experiences and one even shared her pictures via her laptop.

It's mighty quiet downstairs - not sure what MainMan is watching on TV.  Think maybe he fell asleep in his recliner????  I might need to slip downstairs to check. 

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