Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clean Sweep

God has given us a gorgeous day today, sunny and warm.  So why did I stay inside and clean today?

Probably because that task shimmied up the to-do list until it couldn't be ignored another day.  The vacuum came out of the closet, the broom was brushed off, and the mop saw the light of day.  Yep, I still like the string mop.  With our hardwood floors, it's my way of keeping the dust down to a acceptable amount.  I used to buy those Swiffer ones and they are ok but I still like to use the string mop the best.  The upstairs is clean, mopped, and rugs shaken/vacuumed. The downstairs will be attacked another day. 

At one point I found myself flipped to our kitchen floor while scooting around in my fluffy socks.  It's definitely NOT a good idea to move quickly on these floors.  Sure am glad no one was around to video the actual fall.  My knee is sore but I'm babying it.  Whew, that fall might have resulted in a worse situation so I am thanking God for just a sore knee.  After a bit of a rest, I resumed my cleaning routine although at a much slower speed.  I'll take a couple of Motrin for the discomfort once I know I'm ok.

Now, it's time to fix supper.  Tonight I plan to have grilled flounder with tomato pesto - potatoes and peas on the side. Yeah, and hot buttered cornbread sounds like a winner too.  Time to head to the kitchen.    

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