Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountains and Hot Water Heater

Yesterday Sweetz and I went with the senior group from our church to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  They are a great bunch of people and we had a wonderful time.  We ate at a little diner near a restored mill.  The leaves had begun to turn their glorious colors, not as pretty as past years but nevertheless it was still beautiful and pleasant to get away and not have to worry about the driving.  The group is going another day this month to a fruitcake factory and to a dinner theatre in November.  Yippee, this retiree life is better than I was led to believe!!!

Today Sweetz and I had an appointment at Camping World for the removal and installation of a new hot water heater in our little RV.  We arrived 15 min early and they were ready for us.  After they had our cell number, signature, and keys, we were free to roam for 3 hrs.  Off we went to a large farmers market about a mile away.  The vendors had colorful pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn plus an assortment of lip-smacking vegetables, soup mixes, dried fruit, candy, and everything else you could imagine.  One vendor had the most unusual pumpkins I have ever seen - the colors ranged from gray to white to purple to pink and everything in between.  They were smooth, knotty, and bumpy with prices beginning at $20 and stopping at $55.  I took one picture before the vendor let me know that he didn't appreciate it so I moved on.  While we were at the market I never saw anyone buying even one of his pumpkins so maybe a better attitude would have improved his bottom line. 

Driving home with a new hot water heater
We were checking out some salsa when we got a call - the tech realized he had picked out the wrong hot water heater.  We wanted one with an electronic starter and the one he had was manual.  We got that straightened out and were banged against the wall with an even higher price tag.  Wow, those guys can really empty a customer's wallet in just a few hours!  While there, we also had the inspection done and it passed perfectly with all praise to Hubby for keeping everything in working order.  We walked the aisles in the "store" awhile but nothing seemed to be jumping up and down to get our attention.  They had a good selection of RVs in their back lot so we checked out many of them but didn't like something about each one - mostly boiled down to the price tags.  When the tech called to say our RV was ready, we walked around to the front and saw our little domicile on wheels and quickly decided she didn't look so bad after all.  It was unanimous: she's a keeper.

And we stopped at the Board of Elections and cast our early vote today.  Yipppeee, we did our part. 

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